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Peugeot Partner 1.6 BLUE HDI CRC 100 BHP CREW VAN NO VAT TO PAY. Storage is good, though, with a large shelf above the seats, a box on the dashboard where the airbag used to live (it’s now in the roof), a small area beneath the dials and a place for your phone by the gearlever. It’s this that Peugeot hopes will tempt buyers... 2015 (65 reg) | Panel Van | 96,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2016 (66 reg) | Panel Van | 125,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2011 (61 reg) | Panel Van | 144,478 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2007 (07 reg) | Panel Van | 138,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2019 (19 reg) | Panel Van | 49,840 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2010 (10 reg) | Panel Van | 68,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2006 (06 reg) | Panel Van | 149,000 miles | 1.9L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2006 (56 reg) | Temperature Controlled | 80,658 miles | 1.9L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2017 (17 reg) | Panel Van | 38,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2010 (60 reg) | Panel Van | 121,540 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2016 (16 reg) | Panel Van | 36,797 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2017 (66 reg) | Other | 25,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 5 seats, 2017 (17 reg) | Panel Van | 65,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2016 (65 reg) | Panel Van | 54,200 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2019 (69 reg) | Panel Van | 11,040 miles | 1.5L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2017 (67 reg) | Panel Van | 45,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2018 (18 reg) | 22,448 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel, 2002 (52 reg) | Panel Van | 112,000 miles | 1.9L | Manual | Diesel | 2 seats, 2019 (19 reg) | Panel Van | 19,300 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, 2016 (65 reg) | Panel Van | 134,000 miles | 1.6L | Manual | Diesel | 3 seats, Peugeot aims to set itself apart from its small van partners – Citroen and Vauxhall – by appealing to buyers’ sense of style, with a cabin that borrows. This also helps it to be more refined than the others (though all the 1.5-litre units are better than the 1.6-litre models), making it more relaxing to drive. There were three diesel engines at launch in January 2019: This range was updated for Euro 6.2 (also known as Euro 6d-Temp) in September 2019, which saw the two 1.6-litre motors replaced by similarly powerful but newer 1.5-litre alternatives: We’re yet to try the lower-powered BlueHDI 75 models, but we suspect this will lend itself best to city driving the punchier BlueHDi 100 and BlueHDi 130 models will be far better suited to out-of-town driving. But though it looks nice and modern, this can be a bit fiddly to use on the move, as it's not the most responsive thing and the software isn't as intuitive as some rival systems (such as those fitted in Volkswagen vans, for example). That means it has a smaller-than-average steering wheel and an instrument panel that sits higher on the dashboard than a conventional set of dials. You are viewing the Parkers beta preview. This prize rewards the Peugeot teams' commitment to a project that is at the heart of the brand's development strategy. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. (1) Exemple pour le crédit-bail sur 60 mois et pour 50 000 km d’un Peugeot Partner Premium STD 650 kg BlueHDi 100 S&S BVM5neuf, hors options, au prix spécial de 14 130 € HT, déduction faite de la prime Peugeot de 500 € pour la reprise d’un véhicule utilitaire, au lieu de 20 900 € HT (tarif conseillé 20D au 30/11/2020). That’s unlikely to be an issue for most, and the rest of the time it’s a refined van that does well to isolate engine sound from the cab. All come with manual gearboxes, while top-flight engines are available with an optional EAT8 eight-speed automatic gearbox. The Peugeot Partner comes with a flexible cabin with plenty of storage, a load bay large enough for two Euro pallets, high payload ratings, a wide range of efficient engines, and a safe, secure drive. Some will find it easy to get used to, others not so much, as you have to be the right height and size to find a comfortable driving position – in some cases you’ll find the top of the steering wheel obscures part of the dials. We’re yet to drive this particular version but know from other Peugeot vehicles (including the larger Expert van) that this is a nice, smooth, efficient auto if you're prepared to pay the extra cost for it. In addition to this in-house competition, the Partner also faces stiff challenges from the Volkswagen Caddy and Ford Transit Connect, with the Ford typically being the bestselling small van among UK buyers. It also has the least van-like look, with attractive alloy wheels and more colour options. See our dedicated Peugeot Partner Dimensions page for more details. LES SERVICES DÉDIÉS AUX PROFESSIONNELS. This is a substantial enough set of accolades to see the Partner join its family members as Parkers Small Van of the Year for two years running in the 2020 and 2021 Parkers New Car Awards. The company 2020 Peugeot has arrived at the International Motor Show in Geneva is not just. 2020. For example, Grip models will likely prove less efficient than others due to their mud and snow tyres and raised ride height. Découvrez le Peugeot Partner Pro Standard ainsi que de nombreuses informations pratiques et techniques à propos de la motorisation, des dimensions, la consommation, le confort et de la sécurité. Découvrez notre offre de location longue durée Free2Move Lease et les services associés … 2,541 miles. 6 door Manual Diesel Other. With the van only launched in 2019, however, it's a little early to make any judgements about this. Discover All New & Used 2020 Peugeot Partner Cars For Sale in Ireland on DoneDeal. In its cars, Peugeot says this promotes a sportier feel, but we’re not sure it’s as effective on a commercial vehicle. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Details of the e-Partner - as it will be called - are scarce at this stage, but it's likely to use similar technology to the larger Peugeot e-Expert. 9 hours ago. There’s also a PureTech 110 petrol with 110hp available to suit those who don't want diesel; a viable option for those using the Partner in town the majority of the time. If you’re struggling to choose between the Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall and Toyota, it’s likely to be the interior that makes or breaks it for the Partner over the other two. You should still take official fuel economy figures as the lab-based results they are, however, and expect to get fewer miles-per-gallon out in the real world. As with most modern vans, these are variable intervals, so if the vehicle detects that the oil is getting a little tired it will alert you that a service is required, even if it comes sooner than the official periods suggest it should. As a further string to its bow, a Peugeot Partner electric van is set to go on sale in 2021. Belfast, Northern Ireland. MENU GAMME. However, the petrol could make sense to those using the Partner mostly in town, as petrol is better suited to short journeys than diesel, and should be cleaner in terms of harmful particulate emissions, too. 1000 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Professional Van. The door bins are also large, while a pair of cupholders flank the dashboard by the windows. The BlueHDi 130 is the only one to get a sixth gear, giving it much greater flexibility on country roads and motorways. 6 door Manual Diesel Other. Stoneacre Chesterfield Peugeot . With 607 used Peugeot Partner vans available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of vans for sale across the UK. The Partner is available in two body lengths: Standard L1 and Long L2 (a bit simpler to understand than the Berlingo's M and XL), with extra length gained from a stretched wheelbase and extended rear overhang for the longer version. All diesel Partners have a 17-litre AdBlue tank for emission purposes, which will require topping up as you drive. Traditionally one of the bestselling light commercial vehicles in all of Europe, it tempts buyers with keen value, a great driving experience, impressive amounts of technology and high payload ratings. Many of these will make life a lot easier on the road, including the Surround Rear Vision package (discussed in detail in the Interior section of this review), which boosts visibility at the back of the van where there would normally be blindspots and difficulty judging the rear corners. To sleep we need DOWNLOAD Bienvenue A Bord Du Nouveau Peugeot Partner Le … The Partner launched in January 2019 with tried-and-tested 1.6-litre BlueHDi diesel engines found in the previous-gen model, producing 75hp and 99hp, plus a newer 1.6-litre BlueHDi 130 with 131hp at the top of the range – this is an engine you’ll find in several Peugeot, Citroen and Vauxhall passenger cars. In addition to Professional Comfort & Convenience Technology & Entertainment Comfort & Convenience Technology & Entertainment Air conditioning Additional acoustic insulation providing benchmark cabin refinement Cruise control with variable speed limiter Lighting and Visibility - Automatic connection via PEUGEOT … In terms of security, an alarm is available (not standard on all models) while the rear door hinges have been moved so they’re hidden when the doors are shut. Brilliant interior, great driving dynamics and an impressive lineup of engines – is the Peugeot Partner one of the best vans around? The bottom line . The 130 is also available with an eight-speed automatic gearbox – badged EAT8. The steering is light and quick to respond to inputs, which makes manoeuvres easy. Peugeot Partner 2020 Towing capacity. By Admin. Did you know that 35% of vehicles checked have a hidden history! The Peugeot Partner's 1.5 BlueHDi diesel engine which is likely to be the starting point for most buyers is found across Peugeot's passenger car range, and … Peugeot PARTNER UTiLiTAiRE 1.6 hdi nv mod dir assist vc vtel. All-new Peugeot Partner reinforces the ambition to Master the Impossible. 1000 1.2 PureTech 110 Professional Van. This can seem slightly odd at first, however, and you may find yourself turning too much initially. The front uses parts from the firm’s latest EMP2 platform that underpins many Peugeot passenger cars, while the rear of the Partner uses the previous van platform. European domestic market EUDM Latin American domestic market LADM. Consultez les fiches techniques Peugeot Partner 2020 de L'argus : les prix, les … 4,999 € I like this car. That said, it does become a little gruff when driven hard, and it will require quite a bit of gearchanging to ensure swift progress at all times. The Crew Cab also includes a moveable bulkhead/grille partition, which means that it can be almost as practical as the regular van, thanks to second-row seats that can fold down when not required. Peugeot Partner 625 1.6 BlueHDi 75 Professional Van . This makes it much more difficult for potential thieves to break into the van. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. The Partner is covered by a three-year / 100,000-mile warranty. 16.00 No comments. If you don’t care about any car-like features or luxuries, the entry-level S will do the job. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. But the engines aren’t especially noisy anyway, only becoming uncomfortably loud when you’re really revving them. >> The UK’s most reliable vans according to the FN50 reliability survey. The BlueHDi 100 is the most popular engine available in the Partner - not only does it offer a good blend of performance and fuel economy, it's available with every trim level and in both body lengths. The Peugeot Partner is the joint winner of the Parkers Small Van of the Year Award in 2021 and 2020. Some may love this about it of course, but if you don’t like change, or simply want a van that several people will be able to get in and drive without any form of mental adjustment, you’re probably best going for the Berlingo, Combo or Proace City instead. Manual. Given that soplaftormennik Citroen Berlingo has already lighted on the eve of the premiere of his own, and no one doubted that 2020 Peugeot will also update its version of the car. Wind noise around the large door mirrors is noticeable, but at least visibility is good. 1000 1.2 PureTech 110 Professional Van. Your email is safe and will only be used for our newsletters. Where the Peugeot distinguishes itself is with that interior design, as it has a layout that you might find difficult to get used to. Peugeot Partner UTiLiTAiRE 1.6 hdi nouv mod dir assist vc vtel. Higher-spec models come with greater levels of insulation around the windscreen and windows, making them delightfully quieter. Read our full Peugeot Partner review and we'll take you through all the pros and cons of this clever little load-lugger. PEUGEOT Partner, la fourgonnette compacte. This is a very modern van, and it is available with plenty of modern safety features. £14,166. Most small vans promise good running costs, and the Peugeot Partner is one of the most modern designs around, with strong efficiency one of major selling points. The six-speed manual gearbox feels a little slicker and more pleasant to use than the five-speeder, too. 2020 Peugeot Partner. Enfin, l’utilitaire PEUGEOT Partner offre toute la technologie de dernière génération de la Marque permettant d’accompagner le conducteur dans la maîtrise de sa conduite. On the road, the Partner provides good visibility and tidy handling, which helps prevent it seeming too big or cumbersome on tighter roads, whether that’s in town or on a twisty lane. Much of this is down to the small steering wheel, which delivers quite a darty sensation when turning. MORE: Everything Peugeot Partner £5,988. DOWNLOAD Peugeot Partner Rechercher Une Voiture D Occasion Peugeot Partner Rechercher Une Voiture D Occasion is Now Available In our lives we need various purposes. That means a range of efficient diesel engines that suit the Partner’s size well, and a composed drive with neat handling and impressive manoeuvrability thanks to the (partially) new structure underneath.

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